Creative theme of the week :  COOKING (08/01)



Activity name :

Mime soup making tutorial and coloring worksheet

Teacher instrutions

Start this class with a physical and vocal theater warm-ups from the list focussing specifically on warming up the fingers and hands. Introduce cooking and brainstorm some things the class might already know how to cook. Introduce that you will pretend to cook soup together today. Go through the mime cooking tutorial as shown in the video with the whole class copying your motions and repeating the steps. Do the mime a few times until the class starts to really know the steps. Then just talk through the steps having the class do the motions on their own to see if they remember. End the class with the cooking coloring worksheet if there is time.

Material needed

Target vocabulary:

Vocab: Knife, chop, vegetables (name different kinds) stove, pot, pour, spoon, stir, taste

Cooking tutorial script steps:
- Take out your knife
- Ouch that's sharp
- Chop
- Turn on the stove
- Take a pot
- Pour the broth
- Add the veggies
- Take a spoon
- Stir
- Wait...
- Taste the soup, ouch that's hot!
- Blow... mmm that's yummy