I want to be a... Chef   (1&2)



Hello, Starting Ritual and Warm Up

*Teaching Guide


Vocabulary: Chef, recipe, milk, egg, butter, salt, bowl, fruit, vegetable.

Grammar: some/any

Sentence: There is some/isn't any...

Objective 1: Students will gain food vocabulary and feel comfortatble with a recipe.

Objective 2: Students will feel confident to express what there is or isn't in the kitchen using some/any.

*Remember, the following sections are interchangeable



There is no book for the chef theme, so play an extra game instead. A few suggestions are: mime together making a pizza from scratch, have the students create and present a recipe, play food charades.

*Game section of teaching guide


  • Hand out students each a flash card face down. Students must create a sentence using their word and another from the flash cards. The student that has the corresponding flash card creates a new sentence with another new word, etc.

*Teaching Guide

Sing a Song

  • Cooking in the Kitchen

  • Mime the cooking actions with the students - if you get into it, they will too

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 1

  • Preteach 1/2 and 1/4 for the recipe.

  • Listening Directions: Have the group list as many vocab words as they can hear and recognize on their worksheets. Afterwards let them watch the video and sing along. 

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 2

  • Review adjectives to describe foods in the fridge, i.e. sweet, yummy, salty.

*Teaching Guide

Lesson Checklist: Did I ...

**details here**

  • ..do a Starting Ritual?

  • ..sing a Song?

  • ..rearrange student layout depending on activity?

  • ..explain the HandOut before distributing?

  • ..use a Conscious Transition (CT)  (Details in the Sample Lesson Plan Template)

  • ..practice good Teacher Talk (TT) 

  • ..nip behaviour issues in the bud at the beginning of class?

  • ..note down who participated this week so that I can call on/allow other students to participate next week? 

  • ..do an Ending Ritual?

  • ..(we) leave the room as we found it or better?