I want to be an... Astronaut  1 & 2



Hello, Starting Ritual and Warm Up

*Teaching Guide


Vocabulary: Planet Earth, outer-space, moon, milky way, rocket, astronaut, alien, solar system, orbit

Grammar: singular/plural

Sentence: There is... There are...

Objective 1:Students will become familiar with singular versus plural and using 'there is/are'.

Objective 2: Students will feel confident to express sentences regarding outer space using 'There

*Remember, the following sections are interchangeable

Story Time: On the Moon

  • Let the students practice reading the aloud to the class. Encourage them to use voice intonation where applicable.

*Teaching Guide


  • Have students create their own trivia
    questions regarding outer space and play game show with resulting quiz and a few contestants.

​*Teaching Guide

Sing a Song

  • The handout says this is for homework so encourage the students to listen to it outside of class time. It is always good to remind them that they can review outside of class.

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 1

  • If you can, retain hand outs for the next class as the reading on hand out 1 helps with the blanks on handout 2.

  • Listening Script: The sun is bigger than any of the planets. Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system, making it smaller than planet earth. Mars is two times larger than earth’s moon. Earth is much larger than the moon that orbits it. 

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 2

  • With fast finishers, you can always have them complete the homework in class or ask them to writ sentences with the new vocabulary.

*Teaching Guide

Lesson Checklist: Did I ...

**details here**

  • ..do a Starting Ritual?

  • ..sing a Song?

  • ..rearrange student layout depending on activity?

  • ..explain the HandOut before distributing?

  • ..use a Conscious Transition (CT)  (Details in the Sample Lesson Plan Template)

  • ..practice good Teacher Talk (TT) 

  • ..nip behaviour issues in the bud at the beginning of class?

  • ..note down who participated this week so that I can call on/allow other students to participate next week? 

  • ..do an Ending Ritual?

  • ..(we) leave the room as we found it or better?