I want to be a... Pilot (1 & 2)



Hello, Starting Ritual and Warm Up

*Teaching Guide


Vocabulary: pilot, plane, drive a car, take a train, sail a boat, taxi, scooter, drive

Grammar: present simple

Sentence: I take a train; My dad drives a car.

Objective 1: Students review present simple and begin to familiarize with prepositional phrases.

Objective 2: Students feel comfortable speaking how they or a friend gets around using present simple and prepositional phrases. 

*Remember, the following sections are interchangeable

Story Time: Mrs. Armitage on Wheels

  • Tell the students to pay
    attention to what happens (or you can be more explicit) and, at the end, see who can tell you all the things the character adds to her bike. See if anyone remembers why for each item. 

*Teaching Guide


  • Have students choose a flash card and describe it without saying what it is. The other students guess the word. Add words to make it more difficult.

*Teaching Guide

Sing a Song

  • Driving in my Car

  • Have the students go slow and fast with their actions according to the song.

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 1

  • Listening Script: Lucy lives far away from her school. Every morning Lucy walks from her house to the train. She takess the train 3 stops and then gets out and takes a taxi to the park next to her school. She rides her scooter through the park until finally she arrives at school.

*Teaching Guide

Handout Week 2

  •  Explain clearly before giving the hand out what you want the students to do in each exercise.

*Teaching Guide

Lesson Checklist: Did I ...

**details here**

  • ..do a Starting Ritual?

  • ..sing a Song?

  • ..rearrange student layout depending on activity?

  • ..explain the HandOut before distributing?

  • ..use a Conscious Transition (CT)  (Details in the Sample Lesson Plan Template)

  • ..practice good Teacher Talk (TT) 

  • ..nip behaviour issues in the bud at the beginning of class?

  • ..note down who participated this week so that I can call on/allow other students to participate next week? 

  • ..do an Ending Ritual?

  • ..(we) leave the room as we found it or better?