Creative theme of the week : PIZZA RESTAURANT (15/01)


Activity name

Make your own paper pizza, pizza restaurant improv

Teacher instructions

Introduce pizza and pizza toppings vocabulary, have every student make their own paper pizza based off of their likes and dislikes. Hang all the pizza's on the board if possible and set up a make believe pizza restaurant at the front of the classroom (two chairs and a little table). Play improv pizza restaurant. Scenario: two customers walk into a pizza restaurant and are greeted by a server (I recommend you play the server the first few rounds) they sit and order pizza from the ones the class has created. Each customer must be specific and name all the ingredients they want on their pizza. The server then brings over two paper pizzas and the customers pretend to taste them "mmm yummy!".

Preparation necessary:

For younger groups pre-cut tan and red circles and veggie and cheesed shapes.

Material needed

Tan, red, green, yellow, white, brown, and black construction paper, scissors, glue

Target vocabulary:

Tomato sauce, cheese, toppings, crust (feel free to get creative and base the toppings you make off their likes)
"I like" "I don't like"
"I would like a with pizza with..."