Creative theme of the week: SAILING (22/06)

Activity name: Origami boat & story

Teacher instructions

  • Begin this class by teaching the class to make origami boats, everyone should make two.

  • Then everyone can name their boat, they can make up a name or use their own.

  • Once everyone has their two boats, go through the flashcards and use the boats themselves to go through the vocabulary.

  • Tell the story of the captain's ship (you can do a way abridged version from the one in the video) then tell it again but having the class follow along and rip when you rip.

  • By the end of the class every student should have one captain's t-shirt and one boat left so they can tell friends or family the boat story.


Material needed: 2 pieces of standard white printing paper per student

Target vocabulary: Fold, crease, sails, bow, back of the boat, storm, sea-monster, captain, crew, captain's t-shirt