Creative theme of the week: MOTHER'S DAY (04/05)

Activity name: Pot full of paper flowers craft

Teacher instructions

  • Explain mothers day and brainstorm things we might want to say to our mothers on mother's day, write them in english on the board.

  • Make mothers day bracelets having each student count the number of beads on their bracelet as they go.

  • Finish with making heart shaped mothers day cards (optional for older groups have them write the short mothers day poem inside the card) that can go with the bracelet.

  • Learn the mothers day poem and recite it as a class.

Material needed: String, beads, multi-colored construction paper and markers

Target vocabulary: Happy mothers day, present, string, beads, I love you, heart, hold your hand, hold your heart, counting (have students count out how many beads are on their bracelets)