Creative theme of the week: FATHER'S DAY (15/06)

Activity name: Lanyard key chain & DAD acronym cards

Teacher instructions

  • Explain that father's day is coming up and they we will make presents and cards for our fathers (or parent or grandfather).

  • Ask as a class brainstorm what we can say thank you for in our cards.

  • They can propose ideas in french and you translate them into simple english on the board.

  • For older groups introduce the idea of acronym cards using the word dad to create an acronym on the front of the card.

  • Try and see if they can come up with adjectives that start with the letters d and a. 



Material needed: Multi-colored lanyard and a keychain per student, multi-colored construction paper, scissors, markers

Target vocabulary: Dear/to, from, present, happy father's day, love you, thank you for...
Lanyard, colors, keychain adjectives that start with the letters d and a: amazing, daring, dazzling, dedicated, affectionate