Creative theme of the week : THE SOLAR SYSTEM (22/01)



Activity name: 

Outer Space craft

Teacher instructions:

Go through flashcards and vocab, explaining a bit about outer space, introduce and complete the art project. Have students draw/trace circles on thick white paper. Then free paint different colored planets with water colors or acrylic paint inside the circles. While drying, student can create their stars on the black paper using white crayons. Once planets are dry, have kids cut them out in different sizes and glue to their night sky. For the younger groups it can even be the teacher who cuts them out. For an added challenge, if the teacher thinks it's a good idea, stars can be created instead with white paint and a toothpick. You can even make shooting stars this way!

Preparation necessary:

For younger groups pre-cut different sized white circles.

Material needed:

1 piece of black construction paper per child, white paper, watercolors or regular paint, white crayons, scissors, glue

Target vocabulary:

Moon, solar system, rocket ship, fly, go, sun, earth, stars, planets (for older groups naming the specific planets)