Creative theme of the week: MASK PRESENTATION & WRAP-UP (29-06)




Activity name: Mask play

Teacher instructions

  • If you will have parents visiting your class at the end of it feel free to prepare the mask improv game to be presented.

  • Start the class off with some physical theater warm-ups and tongue twisters.

  • Get out the paper plate masks you have made and add and adjust the elastics so the students can wear their masks. Review visual descriptions vocabulary.

  • Mask improv: two students, one narrator (I suggest you play the narrator the first couple of rounds) and one person in mask, the narrator introduces the masked character "this is lucy, she is a girl, she has long blonde hair, a pink ribbon, and glasses" as the narrator is describing the mask the person wearing the mask must come out and present themselves doing exaggerated physical gestures.

  • The narrator can even say things like "lucy loves to jump and brush her teeth" and the masked character must do those actions. (For younger groups you might need to play the narrator the whole time.)

  • If there's time left at the end feel free to play any favorite games or sing any favorite songs from the year.

Material needed: same paper plate mask done on May 18th

Target vocabulary: Curly/straight hair, long/short hair, brown/blonde/red hair, glasses, mustache, beard, hair clip or ribbon, blue/green/ brown eyes, girl/boy