Creative theme of the week : MORNING ROUTINE (29/01)



Activity name:

Morning routine song and theater games

Teacher instructions:

Go through vocab, learn song with mime actions. Do some acting warm-ups mainly stretching. Review each morning routine action. Morning routine improv: the "stage" should be set with a desk, on each of them the morning routine props. This improv requires 2 students, two standing behind the desk, one in back of the other. The student standing in front puts their hands behind their back and the student standing behind them will play their hands (video link for a visual). You then direct them to go through a morning routine, "in the morning I wake up, eat my breakfast, brush my teeth, wash my face ect." pausing after every instruction for the students to act it out. For older groups allow the students to take turns being the one going through their morning routines.

Material needed: *morning routine improv props*

a cup, a tissue (to represent a washcloth), a paper plate, a plastic spoon

Target vocabulary:

Wake up, stretch & yawn, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, drink juice, wash your face, brush your hair, go to school