LPS – Athlete 1 & 2

At the end of lesson 1, students will be familiar with activity verbs and begin to create personalized sentences.

At the end of lesson 2, students will be confident in expressing in sentences the activities that they do and the activities that their classmates do.

Vocabulary: New: to ride, to draw, to listen, to watch, to kick, to go, to play; *Review: run, eat, swim, listen*

Grammar: present simple, 3rd person 's'

Sentence: I play/do/go + verb + ing.

Starting Ritual - sugg time: 2-5m
Do a weekly activity to begin the lesson as a unifying lesson ritual. This helps the students feel a part of the group and orients them into the learning atmosphere. It might be a Hello song, stretching, a poem, etc. Make it yours!

Warmup - sugg time: 1-2m
Create intrigue about the lesson with a statement, question, song, funny dance to spark the student’s imagination about what the lesson might be.
Some examples: “Brr, I am cold” said with a shiver. Then, ask why you did that. Have a song about transport playing and see if any of the students catch the theme.

Flashcards - sugg time: 15m
Introduce new vocabulary using flashcards and a game - link below. Show the flash cards one by one. Repeat the vocabulary several times. Use your voice rhythmically and melodically to instill the vocabulary. Then play a game. Take this time to also teach or reinforce the grammar point.

Story Time/Watch a video - sugg time: 10-15m
Before reading/watching, give the students something to anticipate - What does this character discover? How many ___ did you see? etc.

Watch the Easy Video: Here is an interview with a kid and Ellen on The Ellen Show about exercising and bullying. Pre-teach some vocabulary: exercise, a bully/get bullied, fit, healthy, strong, push-up 


Guided Listening Questions:

  1. When did the boy start exercising? 8 years old

  2. Why does he want to be fit and strong? So he won’t get bullied and can also protect his cousin from being bullied

  3. How many push-ups does he do every day? 90

  4. What does he want to be when he grows up? Personal trainer, basketball player and to challenge Usain Bolt in a race

HandOuts - sugg time: 15-20m
Show the handout to the class before giving them. Explain clearly what you are going to do and see if anyone has a question. Do an example together. Make sure the students have the tools to execute the handout with success.

***Listening activity script: When Sam grows up he wants to be a baseball player. In the morning Sam goes running. Then he practices throwing and catching a baseball. Afterwards he eats dinner and then he watches tv.

Ending Ritual - sugg time: 2-5m
Like the beginning ritual, the ending ritual unifies your group as it helps them solidify what they have learned. Use the goodbye song or a goodbye action. Each student says something they liked or a positive thing.

Thank you and Goodbye - sugg time: 1-2m
Thank your students for their time, energy, attitudes. Let them know appreciation goes both ways.
Tidy up & Leave

Reminder Box

  • Week 1 Group Focus - This is the first week of the new vocabulary, allow time for students to absorb and think about what they see. Focus on group learning as a whole - class repetition, class singing, team games.

  • Week 2 Individual Focus - This is the second week of the vocabulary, encourage students to express what they have remembered individually. Keep a log of who participates and answers. Make sure each student participates individually over the course or 2-3 weeks.

  • Conscious Transition (CT) - How do your students enter the class or transition from one activity to another?

  • Teacher Talk (TT) - How much are you speaking/? How much are you allowing your students to practice? Are you concise in explanation and speaking at a level that your students understand?

  • Do not translate the book. Allow your vocal expression and body language to convey the message.

  • Sample Lesson Plan Template

  • Learning Activities are chronologically interchangeable - do what is best for each of your groups.

  • Only one book per theme which is for two weeks.

Additional Activities for speedy lessons

  • Play another game

  • Have students recount the story

  • Sing the song again with TPR

  • Review some of your groups favourite vocabulary from this lesson or another.