Shapes 1 & 2


Vocabulary: rectangle, circle, square, star, oval, heart, triangle, colours

Grammar : present simple

Sentence: This is a triangle and it is blue.

Objective 1: Student will be able to identify and name basic shapes.

Objective 2: Students will feel comfortable to point out a shape in a picture and say what it is with a full sentence. 

*Remember, the following sections are interchangeable

Story: Mr. Shape Head

  • This is an interactive book - the students should raise their hand to point out for which shape you are looking.


*Teaching Guide


  • Say a shape and have your students create that shape as a group. Encourage your students to collaborate and speak in English rather than French. Give them the vocabulary such as: "Go there." "I'll be here" 

*Teaching Guide

Handout: Week 1

  • Go around individually and have students point out shapes on the robot. 

*Teaching Guide

Handout: Week 2

  • This is an ideal moment to teach or review the instruction 'Draw'. Have the students practice saying it out loud and doing a drawing gesture with their hand.

*Teaching Guide

Lesson Checklist: Did I ...

**details here**

  • a Starting Ritual?

  • ..sing a Song?

  • ..rearrange student layout depending on activity?

  • ..explain the HandOut before distributing?

  • ..practice good Teacher Talk (TT) 

  • ..nip behaviour issues in the bud at the beginning of class?

  • ..note down who participated this week so that I can call on/allow other students to participate next week? 

  • an Ending Ritual?

  • ..(we) leave the room as we found it or better?