The Creative Programme

Welcome to the creative programme! 

This programme is usuallly assigned to the Wednesday School groups.

If you have been assigned a Wednesday School group, you should also have a calendar of activities.

You activities will take place during the second half of the morning (usually between 10h45 and 12h)

The activities you will be animating with your group will include:

1. Mini theatre plays

2. Creative projects

3. Some regular book-learning time too

Below, you will find details of the creative and theatre projects. Remember, this is your group and you know them the best! If you need to adapt, switch or change things completely.. please do so! And remember that you are not alone, get in touch if you need.

Mini-theatre plays

The aim: for the children to practise speaking English

You will have around 15 weeks to work on theatre projects (spread across the year in modules).

You may decide to do separate theatre projects for each module or you may decide to spread projects out across 2 or more modules. It really depends on your group. Our advice is to start with you first project, keep an open mind and then plan from there on.

Choosing your theatre projects

Via the link below, you will find some geat advice as well as a large selection of plays to choose from.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Look through the plays and make a short list

  2. Let us know which ones you want printing out

  3. Propose this selection to your group so that you can collectively decide which one is best

  4. Practise the play and don't forget the warm up games as suggested in the text

  5. Perform the play to another group at the school*

  6. Film the preformance so that we can send it to the parents


*we can arrange for parents to come but it does tend to get a little complicated logistacally speaking!

Click here for theatre teaching advice and library of plays to choose from:

Fun ESL role plays and skitts for children part 1

Fun ESL role plays and skitts for children part 2

Need more inspiration?

Here is a link to another resource on ESL plays for children

Finally, here are some game ideas to loosen up the actors!

176 English Language Games for Children

Creative Projects

The aim: for the children to be immersed in a creative, English-speaking environment so that they can learn English in a different context

You will have around 10 weeks to work on creative projects (spread across the year in modules).

There are 5 creative projects, each has its own designated pack of supplies at the venue.

According to a preset rota, you will have access to the pack at specific dates.

Here is the link to the schedules:

Butte aux Cailles Wednesday School

Franklin Wednesday School

Saint Victor Wednesday School

The craft projects are designed to cover 2 sessions:

1st session: read the storybook together and watch the teacher make the craft project

2nd session: make it yourself! By now, the children know what to do and after a quick reminder from you, they can proceed to create their own version of the craft project.

Some tips and advice

  • Always start to pack up at least 15 minutes before the end time

  • Assign duties to each child at the start of the session (papers on the floor, material etc) The teacher should not have to do all of the clearing up!! This is part of the process for the children.

  • Have some blank paper abd crayons on hand for those who finish earlier than the others

Here's how to proceed:


Before the day of the craft session

  1. Watch the videos on how to make each craft project - click here for the playlist

  2. Become familiar with the storybooks associated to each craft project

  3. Check the project pack the week before to make sure there is everything you need


Session 1

  1. Read the storybook together

  2. Show the group the finished craft project

  3. Proceed to make the craft yourself with the group watching

  4. Remember, we're learning English! Take every opportunity you can to get the group to repeat words associated to making the craft.

Session 2

  1. Remind the children of the process 

  2. Assign duties and make it official by writing the duty & name on the board each time

  3. Help the children make their craft

  4. Clean up 15 minutes before the end

  5. Ensure you leav ethe room exactly as you found it

Regular book-learning time

The aim: to ensure the children are getting the most from their English manuals

Some week, you may well decide to continue lesson from the manual. This effectively elongates the book learning time into the second part of the Wednesday School morning.

Some tips and advice

  • Ensure you warn the group in advance that they will be contuning with the book so thatthey are not expecting a craft or play on that day.

  • Ensure you select units from the book that are ot too taxing for a full morning of concentration.