Going to School Part 1 (LP07)


Objectives: To enable students to produce simple utterances based on their immediate environment. To introduce classroom vocabulary.

Reading material: Mungo Monkey Goes to School (see electronic version below) 

Target Grammar:  Questions, Positive answers, Negative answers. (Possessive Pronouns)

Target Sentences: I have___ He has ____ I’ve got ____ He’s got ____.

Have you got__? Has he got___?

I don’t have____? Do you have ___?

Introduce Vocabulary: blackboard, whiteboard, notebook, eraser, pencil, book, sharpener, schoolbag, ruler, pen, pencil case, glue, scissors, crayon, paintbrush, palette, globe, map, computer, projector






Level Guidelines

Remember to consult our level guideline regularly to ensure the best progression for your groups.

Carnet de Voyage

The parents have access to the Carnet de Voyage from the beginning of term so that they can accompany their children to discover, progress and enjoy English. Teachers are advised to check the Carnet de Voyage each time to ensure the content reflects the session content you are planning to use.