Going to School Part 2 (LP08)


Warm up: Hello Song, Date & Weather 5 mins

Knowledge Activation: Review vocabulary from the previous lesson. 5 mins

Introduce Vocabulary: Flash Cards and Flash Card Games. Utilise extensive TPR and ensure whole class is participating.

Review grammar structure: 10 mins-15 mins

Repeat the process from the Unit before. The objective is to not to promote full comprehension, they do not need to learn this by wrote. Rather the teacher is guiding them through a series of movements. Think of a karate instructor at a dojo. As the students practice going through the grammatical movements, with degrees of variety they will transition from awareness, to recognition, to comprehension.

Chant 10 mins-15 mins


Introduce Worksheet Activity: 15 mins

  • Guide students through worksheet as a class. 

  • Give them a set time complete the worksheet individually.

  • Encourage responses from the class.

Cool down: Goodbye song, wrap-up and review activities. 5 mins




Level Guidelines

Remember to consult our level guideline regularly to ensure the best progression for your groups.

Carnet de Voyage

The parents have access to the Carnet de Voyage from the beginning of term so that they can accompany their children to discover, progress and enjoy English. Teachers are advised to check the Carnet de Voyage each time to ensure the content reflects the session content you are planning to use.