Doughnuts (LPK)


Teaching targets






Remember to consult our level guideline regularly to ensure the best progression for your groups.
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Carnet de Voyage

Click here to see the Carnet de Voyage for this lesson plan.

The parents have access to the Carnet de Voyage from the beginning of term so that they can accompany their children to discover, progress and enjoy English. Teachers are advised to check the Carnet de Voyage each time to ensure the content reflects the session content you are planning to use.

Lesson Plan

1. Hello Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Click here for "Hello Song" suggestions.


2. Recap last session's target language / 5 minutes

Take out the flashcards from the last session and see who remembers the words or phrases


3. Story: Please, Mr Panda / 10 minutes

You will need: Book

This book has a very limited text which means you will read through it very quickly. Try to emphasise polite and impolite behaviour giving the children time to see the rude vs nice responses. This will also give more time to practice actually saying the sentences and understanding the difference between polite and impolite.

Ensure repetition of the key words.

For the extra traction levels, encourage them to repeat full sentences based on your target above.

For extra preps, encourage to children to take turns trying to read pages to the group and to decipher the meaning of the story at the end.

4. Game / 15 minutes

You will need: Doughnut flashcards.

Having read through the story, introduce the flashcards one by one, displaying each one on the wall as it is introduced. Encourage the group to repeat the words several times as they are introduced.

Play some vocabulary integration games to make it fun and enhance word retention: Click here for examples and instructions on the flashcard section of the session.

Example game: Teacher asks, “Would you like a doughnut?” Children take turns asking for a specific kind of doughnut using their polite vocabulary - “May I have a doughnut with sprinkles, please?” “May I have a pink doughnut, please?” When children have all the doughnut FCs, have the children politely ask each other for the doughnuts. With Extra Prep level, when the teacher is handing out doughnut FC, use "Which doughnut would you like?" and "Which doughnut have you got?"

Extra Traction & Prep: With the handout, you can do the role play several times. Encourage the children to speak clearly and pronounce well.

Extra Traction game: Mother, may I? This game works better if you have space and a smaller group. One ST plays the "mother". The others are the "children". The mother stands at one end of a room and turns around facing away, while the children line up at the other end. The children take turns asking "Mother, may I ____?" and make a movement suggestion. For example, one might ask, "Mother, may I take five steps forward?" The mother either replies "Yes, you may" or "No, you may not do that, but you may take_____ instead" and inserts a different task going either backward or forward. The first to reach the mother wins the game. That child then becomes the mother.

Some suggestions that fill in the "Mother may I ____?" blank include:

  • Take (#) steps forward

  • Take (#) giant steps forward

  • Take (#) baby steps forward

  • Hop forward like a frog, (#) times


Extra Prep game: One child says a rude or polite sentence and another child determines if “that is rude!” or “that is polite!”

5. Song / 10 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Recommended for groups under 8 years. Older groups can move straight onto the individual activity time.


6. Individual activity/ 10 - 20 minutes

You will need:  handout and markers and/or pencils.

The aim of this section in the session is to spend time with each child individually. Encourage each child to either repeat vocabulary and sentences or to produce them independently, depending on their level.

Each handout is age-specific, please ensure you use the handout that corresponds to your group. You may decide to use a handout aimed at a different age if you group is of a high level.

Handout 1, 3-7yrs (PS, MS, GS, CP, CE1)

Handout 2, 8-9yrs (CE2)

Handout 3, 9-11yrs (CM1,CM2)

Click here for more information on levels.


7. Recap / 5 minutes

You will need: Flashcards for your target language.


8. Goodbye Song / 5 minutes (rcomended for younger groups)

Click here for "Goodbye Song" suggestions.