(NB - this LP is meant to be spread over at least 2 weeks)


Teaching Targets










Family and friends

woman, man, boy, girl, painter, king, queen, caveman, farmer…*more below


Places and Directions

(some review) desert, space, city, jungle, mountains, forest, volcano..*more below


Simple adjectives

big, tall, small, short, dots, stripes



this one, that one, her, him, those, these.


Would like

I would like ... /I choose...

Extra traction

Prepositions of place and time

The woman with a hat; The man with a moustache;

Extra Prep

Verbs: Could

If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?


Remember to consult our level guideline regularly to ensure the best progression for your groups.

Click here for the level guidelines

Carnet de Voyage

Click here to see the Carnet de Voyage for this lesson plan.

The parents have access to the Carnet de Voyage from the beginning of term so that they can accompany their children to discover, progress and enjoy English. Ts are advised to check the Carnet de Voyage each time to ensure the content reflects the session content you are planning to use.

Lesson Plan

1. Hello Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Click here for "Hello Song" suggestions.


2. Recap last session's target language / 5 minutes

Take out the FCs from the last session and see who remembers the words or phrases


Introducing Flashcards: FCs can be introduced either before or after the story. You may want to show all the FC or half or just a few, depending on age/level, before reading the story so that the STs can make the vocab connection within the story. Either way, present FC one at a time when introducing. There are category pockets (family, place... ) from which to take the FCs so that the STs can associate them with together. Have the STs repeat the word after you and pin it on the wall for all to see. If this is done before reading, then STs can also be seeing the FCs while hearing the words.


3. Story: I choose/ 10 minutes

You will need: Book

This book is like a game in and of itself so take ample time to let the Sts look and speak their thoughts. You could even go through it once showing the Sts how to do it and then go through it a second time allowing the Sts to choose. There is also so much vocabulary that some of the words will be review (such as desert, dog, train, etc) and some of them completely new. Some have been picked out for the FCs but, as the teacher, you know your students the best, so looking longer at the book rather than the FCs may be more beneficial. You will be teaching ‘with,’ so exemplify that in your reading of the book and encourage the STs to use it also while choosing, e.g. I choose the shoes with dots. You also want to emphasize the pronouns: this one, that one. Point to the images and ask the STs, “Do you choose this one or that one?”


For younger children (3-5), you may want to read only some of the text and concentrate more on keywords. Ensure repetition of those key words.

For the extra traction levels, encourage them to repeat full sentences based on your T target above.

For extra preps, encourage children to take turns trying to read pages to the group and to decipher the meaning of the story at the end.


4. Game / 20 minutes

You will need -

Flashcards: 1

Flashcard: 2

Play some vocabulary integration games to make it fun and enhance word retention: Click here for examples and instructions on the flashcard section of the session.

 Nouns: Friends/Family? caveman, viking, pirate, Hawaiian people, grandma; House? tipi, mushroom home,  haunted house, cottage; Place? space, volcano, waterfall, city, island; Transport? minicar, limo; Bed? hammock, bunkbed; Pet? unicorn, chicken, lion; Activity? build a sandcastle, talk on the phone, read a book, play table tennis; Job? fisherman, scientist, window washer, news reporter, Adjectives: big, tall, small, short, colours, spotted, striped,

Verbs: choose, would like


Click here for examples and instructions on the flashcard section of the session.

Example game: The point of this game is to use the present tense of “to choose” and pick objects of their own choice practising the key vocabulary. Using the FCs or the book, have the Sts take turns to choose an item/place/person.

Extra Traction game: Use ‘I would like …’ to indicate what item/place/person

Extra Prep game: Describe an item/place/person using ‘with’ again using the verb ‘to choose’. For example, “I choose... the woman with a hat; the man with a moustache; the building with ten windows; the dress with  dots.”

Bilingual: If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?


5. Song / 10 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Recommended for groups under 8 years. Older groups can move straight onto the individual activity time.
















6. Individual activity/ 10 - 20 minutes

You will need:  handout and markers and/or pencils


Click here to see/download the handout: 


The aim of this section in the session is to spend time with each child individually. Encourage each child to either repeat vocabulary and sentences or to produce them independently, depending on their level.

Click here for more information on levels.

7. Recap / 5 minutes

You will need: FCs for your target language.


8. Goodbye Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Click here for "Goodbye Song" suggestions.