LPL10 - Holiday Trip!

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Lesson Plan

1. Hello Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Click here for "Hello Song" suggestions.

2. Recap last session's target language / 5 minutes

Take out the FCs from the last session and see who remembers the words or phrases

Introducing Flashcards: FCs can be introduced either before or after the story. You may want to show all the FC or half or just a few, depending on age/level, before reading the story so that the STs can make the vocab connection within the story. Either way, present FC one at a time when introducing, have the STs repeat the word after you and pin it on the wall for all to see. If this is done before reading, then STs can also be seeing the FCs while hearing the words.


3. Story: Katie in London / 10 minutes

You will need: Book

It is close to summer holidays! The kids are excited to share what they will do, where they will go. Katie in London is obviously about a little girl and her brother who go on a trip to London and they actually have a stone lion show them the sites. It is word heavy and a good one to paraphrase for little listeners. However, with older students you might have them read some of the text as it is not too high of a level. We are learning “going to” with this lesson so, although it is not used in the text, you can add it in yourself, i.e. They are going to a museum, he is going to buy a present…etc.

4. Game / 20 minutes

You will need: Flash Cards: nouns: London, lion, bus, statue, bridge, tower, holiday, river, mountains, beach, park; verbs: go for a walk, go for a swim, go for a hike, play tennis, play games, read a book.


Click here for examples and instructions on the flashcard section of the session.

Example game: Have STs close their eyes and take away one FC. Then, with eyes open, they raise their hand to guess which FC is missing. When that is too easy, take away two FCs.

Extra Traction game: Have STs choose FC and create a sentence with ‘when’ and ‘go for a’ “When I am on holiday, I am going to go for a walk”

Extra Prep game: With the FCs turned over in three categories: place, thing and activity, have STs one at a time pick a FC from each category and make-up a holiday by forming sentences with the FCs they picked and the key phrases. For example: FCs: mountains, statue, go for a swim – “I am going to go to the mountains. I am going to see a statue and I am going to go for a swim.”


5. Song / 10 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Recommended for groups under 8 years. Older groups can move straight onto the individual activity time.


6. Individual activity/ 10 - 20 minutes

You will need:  handout and markers and/or pencils

Handout Holiday Trip PS-CP

Handout Holiday Trip CE2

Handout Holiday CM1/CM2

The aim of this section in the session is to spend time with each child individually. Encourage each child to either repeat vocabulary and sentences or to produce them independently, depending on their level.

Click here for more information on levels.

7. Recap / 5 minutes

You will need: FCs for your target language.

8. Goodbye Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

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