LPL11 - Birthdays and Cakes!

Carnet de Voyage

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The parents have access to the Carnet de Voyage from the beginning of term so that they can accompany their children to discover, progress and enjoy English.

Ts are advised to check the Carnet de Voyage each time to ensure the content reflects the session content you are planning to use.

Birthdays and Cakes!

Happy Birthday


ask STs about their birthdays; party, balloons, birthday, cake, friends


Indirect objects

-Give it to the teacher

- I will have a party and it will have balloons; I will bake a cake and it will be pink.

Extra Prep

Verbs: Past simple irregular

I went to the shop

Irregular past: to have – At my birthday party, I had 7 friends, a cake, balloons…


Remember to consult our level guideline regularly to ensure the best progression for your groups.

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Lesson Plan​​

1. Hello Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Click here for "Hello Song" suggestions.

2. Recap last session's target language / 5 minutes

Take out the FCs from the last session and see who remembers the words or phrases

Introducing Flashcards: FCs can be introduced either before or after the story. You may want to show all the FC or half or just a few, depending on age/level, before reading the story so that the STs can make the vocab connection within the story. Either way, present FC one at a time when introducing, have the STs repeat the word after you and pin it on the wall for all to see. If this is done before reading, then STs can also be seeing the FCs while hearing the words.


3. Story: It’s my Birthday/ 10 minutes

You will need: Book

Here is a birthday book, an opportune time to have the STs share their birthdays. The book has the phrase ‘I am going to …’ which is being taught in the lesson so emphasize it and maybe have the STs repeat it after you as you read.

For extra preps, encourage children to take turns trying to read pages to the group and to decipher the meaning of the story at the end.

4. Game / 20 minutes

You will need: Flash Cards:

nouns: flour, sugar, butter, egg, oven, cake, birthday;  verbs: bake, add, invite


Click here for examples and instructions on the flashcard section of the session.

Example game: Have STs make a cake by telling the T what to add. Have the bowl in the middle and ask, “What do I add?” STs responds by saying, “add sugar”, “add _____”. Then put the ‘cake’ into the oven and watch it ‘bake.’

Extra Traction game: Have STs invite people to a party and describe what they will have at their party, what games will they play, if there is a cake.

Extra Prep game: Talk about the date of each STs birthday and have them describe what their last birthday party was like using the past tense of the verb ‘to have’


5. Song / 10 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

Recommended for groups under 8 years. Older groups can move straight onto the individual activity time.




6. Individual activity/ 10 - 20 minutes

You will need:  handout and markers and/or pencils

Handout Birthday PS-CP

Handout Birthday CE2

Handout Birthday CM1,CM2

The aim of this section in the session is to spend time with each child individually. Encourage each child to either repeat vocabulary and sentences or to produce them independently, depending on their level.

Click here for more information on levels.

7. Recap / 5 minutes

You will need: FCs for your target language.

8. Goodbye Song / 5 minutes (recommended for younger groups)

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