Alan Mutuelle offers a higher level of coverage, including dental care, glasses and even natural medicines like osteopathy.

There is little admin, everything is online, it’s very simple and there is a no paper policy.

It includes an app to manage all things Mutuelle related.

It has an efficient and reactive client service. 

More details on what is covered here:

Here is a step by step guide of what to do to sign up:


  1. All employees will receive an automatic invitation from Alan to opt in or out. If you have not received this invitation, please let us know!

  2. Decide whether you want to opt in or out

I do not want to opt in

Action: confirm this in the email from Alan. You may be required to upload proof of a separate mutuelle to ensure you do have some coverage.

I had already opted in to Malakoff and want to continue with Alan

Note that the price is slightly higher with Alan.

25€ will be automatically deducted from your pay each month. (Bus Anglais also pays 25€)


Action: Please react to the automatic email from Alan and follow the onboarding process online. 

Tip: they are very reactive on the chat function for anything you might get stuck on.


I would like to opt in for the first time

The action to take is exactly the same as above.

  • If you have opted in, you will receive a “carte de tiers payant”. You show this wherever you incur medical expenses (pharmacy, hospital etc).

  • You can also use their app which help to manage and clarify all things mutuelle.


As a Bus Anglais employee, you are included in a “Prévoyance”.


What is Prévoyance?

Prévoyance is basically extra insurance coverage and indemnification in case of accident, death or incapacity.  

It is required by French law that employers provide this to all employees.


What do I have to do to sign up?



The cost?

It is free of charge to you, the employee. The company covers all of the cost.


What exactly does it cover?

If you want to know more, here is a table of the coverage guarantees: