10 reasons why teaching & Paris are a perfect match

1. Flexibility and freedom

With teaching, you can set your own schedule. It gives you the freedom to dedicate time to your

family and friends while exploring Paris and all it has to offer - culture, food, wine and more.

The ultimate work/life balance.

“Besides you can choose when you want to work, where, and with whom... The freedom is great.”

2. No two days are the same

Whether it’s your students, the lessons you’re teaching or the corner of Paris you’re heading

to, you never do the same thing twice. And of course, something unexpected is bound to

happen along the way.

“Every day is different. I see different students every day, go to different places, and talk about different things. It's always interesting.”

3. Get to know Paris like a Parisian

Teaching English is a mobile job. The benefit is that you’ll see different parts of the city that you may not have otherwise. One day, you’ll be casually strolling past the Eiffel Tower near Trocadero, and on another, you’ll be dodging people on the busy streets of Strasbourg Saint-Denis. All the while, your bag filled with flashcards, markers and Patafix.

“I love that I get to be out and about in the city instead of stuck in a dreary office. And by going to different areas of the city, I’ve learned to use Parisian public transport like a pro.”

4. Learn while you teach

Though you are teaching them English, you can’t help but pick up some French. You’ll gain a little vocab, some cultural quirks, and the trends du jour as you hear the students speak among themselves.

You’ll keep learning as you answer your students’ questions or even when communicating with their


“I get to learn French from the kids as they learn English from me.”

5. Peek inside French culture

You’ll get to step into your students’ environment and get an authentic look into school culture, home

life and more. Having them compare their native France to your home country is another way to get a different perspective.

“Kids are the same no matter where you are. I know that sounds silly but I didn't expect "inner city" American kids to be the same as Champs-Elysées French kids. They are.”

6. A sense of accomplishment

As their teacher, you get a first hand look at your students’ improvement. But you must be patient!

Learning doesn’t happen all at once. Once you see their confidence move up along with their

comprehension, you can’t help but feel proud.

“The best thing about teaching a foreign language is seeing on a weekly basis how each child really does improve.”

7. Take on a valued role

As much as you may hear that the French don’t like the English language, it’s still incredibly valued.

And once you know that this skill you’re giving your students - the ability to communicate in English

- is widely respected, it goes a long way for your well-being in a foreign city.

“People in class actually want to learn English; they aren't being forced.”

8. Relate to your students and fellow teachers

If you’ve moved far from home, you know it’s tough to find connections in a big city like Paris. But,

it helps you in your job; you know exactly how your students feel when they just don’t understand.

You’ll also find yourself in a group - your fellow teachers - that can relate to your language and

bureaucracy struggles, the teaching lifestyle, and the desire to discover Paris.

“It’s the best opportunity to teach a language and to learn a language. I truly feel on the same page as my students.”

9. Continue to grow and progress

By calling a foreign place home, you’re already on the fast track to personal growth, but teaching can

also give you more than you ever anticipated. It’s a challenging career, but also very rewarding. You

not only help your students make progress, but you learn a lot from them and about yourself. You’ll

find that you are always evolving - becoming more creative, proactive, and effective along the way.

“I like that in teaching, you're really putting yourself out there and in the process you're learning about yourself.”

10. An opportunity to explore beyond Paris

There's a bit of fun to be had with the numerous French school holidays peppered in throughout the year. You have plenty of opportunities to explore beyond the city limits of Paris. The inexpensive TGVs give you access to other parts of France - the Cote d’Azur, rolling vineyards, Basque Country,

Normandy and more. It’s really quite easy to see even more of this beautiful country.

“Paris is a well-located European hub which makes it easy to travel to and from, both inside and outside of France on our holiday breaks.”

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