How to do a Review Lesson


So, Teachers, it’s the week before a break or the week after a break or you’ve run out of lesson material!! Oh no! 


Here’s some suggestions on how to build your review lesson. Choose 3 themes to review and the children’s favorite Flashcard games (or your favorite ;-) )


The key is to help them out, give them all the tools they need and then play. Keep it light, keep it fun, keep it moving!! Remember, it’s not a test. It’s a pleasurable reinforcement lesson. Think stickers! Competition! Movement! “Well done”s! 


 1. Hello / Starting Ritual as usual

 2. Spend a couple minutes showing them FCs from one theme. You could lay them out on the table as you repeat each one as a group. Then ask individuals to point to the words you say. 


 3. Now play a game with those cards! (FC games page + more vocabulary review games)


 4. Now spend 3 - 5 minutes in speaking practice based on the cards. Focus on the target language from that lesson. 


 5. Sing a favorite song from the previous lessons. 


 6. ...and repeat! (Steps 2 - 5 until class is almost over using a different game each time)


 7. Ending Ritual, Thank you and Goodbye