Zoo Animals

Objectives: To familiarise students with comparative and superlative adjectives. To introduce students to zoo animal vocabulary. To encourage students to make comparisons between different animals.

Reading material: Monkey Puzzle

Target Grammar: Comparative & Superlative

Target Sentences: The bear is bigger than the fish. The elephant is the biggest.  I like _____./ So do I

Introduce Vocabulary: Bear, bird, crocodile, elephant, fish, giraffe, hippo, jellyfish, monkey, polar bear, snake, tail, tiger, zebra, zoo

Family and Friends

Objectives: To enable students to introduce members of their family. To encourage students to give short descriptions of their family members. To encourage students to employ common and demonstrative adjectives

Reading material: The Monster Family 

Target Grammar: Pronouns: simple, personal. Adjectives: common and demonstrative.

Target Sentences: This is my ____.  He has _____.

Introduce Vocabulary: Baby, boy, brother, child/children, classmate, cousin, dad, family, father, friend, girl, grandfather, grandma, grandmother, grandpa, kid, man/men, mother, mum, old, person/people, sister, woman/women, young, aunt, daughter, granddaughter, grandparent, grandson, grown-up, parent, son, uncle

Our World 

Objectives: To build upon students knowledge of family members. To enable students to talk family member specifically. To enable students to introduce family members.

Reading material: Ben the Wizard/ The Clever Prince

Target Grammar: How Questions (dimensions, age, quantity)

Target Sentences: How tall is, How many ____do you have. ETC

Introduce Vocabulary: aunt daughter granddaughter grandparent grandson grown-up parent son uncle


Zoo Animals, Family and Friends, Our World