Why we are looking for teacher-entrepreneurs to join us in giving the gift of English.
Kathryn Baxter, Founder-Director of Le Bus Anglais

In 2009, I was looking after my 2 young children at home in Paris, dreaming of starting my very own business teaching English to children. Thanks to an amazing support network and a lot of hard work, that dream quickly became a reality and continues to grow beyond all expectations year after year.

Now, with over 2000 families subscribed to our programme and a strong team of 30 teachers in Paris, Le Bus Anglais is ready to take this English teaching movement to a national scale and I am ready to help other budding teacher-entrepreneurs realise their own dream of financial and creative independence. 

"Le Bus Anglais is ready to take this English teaching movement to a national scale"

Le Bus Anglais remains proudly independent of outside investment and as such, we are and always will be an authentically teacher-led company with the prime objective of providing an excellent learning environment through a strong community of teachers.

Our teacher-entrepreneur programme is designed to offer the following:

  • Assessment. We will help to assess whether your profile and current situation lend themselves to joining the teacher-entrepreneur programme. Having been through the ups and downs of starting a teaching business, we'll work through all of the different eventualities by asking the right questions.

  • Planning. We will facilitate your business plan to help assess the viability and potential of your teaching operation.

  • Admin support. Business advice and support to eliminate administratrive road blocks in getting your operation started.

  • Low financial risk. This is an opportunity to become a teacher-entrepreneur without investing thousands. We work on a purely % basis, there is no fee, we are in this together! Your initial investment comes in the form of your time, energy and commitment to make it happen.

  • Full training. The expertise we have accumulated since 2010 has now been distilled into an online training programme. There is also ample opportunity to come to Paris to observe and train directly with our teachers.

  • Marketing. Each Bus Anglais teacher-entrepreneur is provided with their own, customised web page, flyer and customer relationship management system.

  • Full ESL teaching programme. Access is provided to all of our lesson plans featuring carefully-selected ESL materiel. Our programme has proven to be innovative, fun, efficient in its objectives and simple to use for the teacher. 

  • Continuous support. If you are having problems with an aspect of your teaching, we are always there to offer help, support and advice. We have providing such support to hundreds of teachers in this way since 2010 and we have become renowned for the strength of our teaching community. 

If you are already a teacher or you have experience with children and you are considering a teaching career, please get in touch by completing the form on this link.

We would love to hear from you and to discuss how you can become part of the new Bus Anglais English teaching movement.

Meet the team!

I, our team of teachers and our future teacher-entrepreneur franchisees are very lucky to have the support of these exceptional people

Teacher - Operations Director
Teacher - Head of Curricula
Teacher - Business Support
Teacher - Marketing Support
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