Essential links for teachers

Here is a quick round up of the essential links you are likely to need regularly.

Some have restricted access. Please request access through your Head Teacher.

Session reports

We request that teachers complete a quick session report after each session. It's quick and easy to do and helps you and your team to keep track of what you are teaching and how it's going.

Top tip! - Visit all of the submissions on the Master Session Reports.Here, you can keep track of how each of your groups are evolving by looking back over your past entries.


Also, if you're subbing for another teacher, go to the sheet to get up to date with what themes have already been covered and what the group is like. After you've subbed, please fill out a session report too.

Current Master Calendar

Information provided in this document:

Which groups you are teaching

Which teaching programme is required for each group

How many children are in each group

The exact dates for each session

Address and access information

Extra Hours form (non-teaching hours)

If you ever find yourself working extra hours for marketing, events or any other tasks, please fill out this form to report them to the Systems & Admin team.

What about extra teaching hours?

Please note that covering hours are automatically recorded once you sign on as the official "cover" teacher. No need to record those hours here. 

Request for Session Cover

Action required in this document:

Firstly, absences must be avoided at all costs..! Absences put a lot of pressure on the team and cause continuity issues with the classes. 

If your absence reall can't be avoided, please follow this 2 step process:

1. Complete a Cover Request Form

This request will be approved (or denied) by your manager.

2. If approved, you will then receive a Cover Details Form, giving as much detail as possible for your replacement.

Expense Reimbursement Form