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Looking for employment as an English teacher in Paris can be confusing. There are so many companies looking for candidates, it is difficult to know which one is best suited to your criteria.

If you are a native English speaker with experience teaching groups of children, here are 10 reasons why
Le Bus Anglais could be the school for you:

1. Run by English teachers, for English teachers.
English teacher, Kathryn Baxter, is the founder and director of the school. Head Teacher Melody Hogan is also an English teacher. We know all the ins and out of the teaching world and we work hard to ensure the best conditions possible for our team. We provide training and, on a day to day basis, our teachers are our top priority because we know that successful learning depends on the teacher feeling happy and supported.

2. A great reputation

Le Bus Anglais is known as one of the best English schools in Paris. Our wonderful teachers past and present have helped us to create and maintain a fantastic service. We teach over 3000 children per week, an activity built up purely through word of mouth.

3. Limited planning time

We provide our teachers with a simple and effective method and programme, developed exclusively for Le Bus Anglais.

4. Great materiel provided

The method includes step by step session guides with books, flashcards, on-paper activities, markers.. everything you need to deliver a fun and effective session. The planning required in adapting the sessions to each group’s requirements.

5. Proactive client communication

We pride ourselves in regular, proactive communication with our families. Whether it’s administration or programme content, our families are up to date which allows for smooth teacher-parent communication.

6. Hours to suit your schedule

We offer full time and part time teaching positions. We fit the teaching hours to your schedule which is then set for the school year, excluding the holiday breaks. Our teachers meet with the same groups at the same time and place each week.

7. CDI contracts

We offer CDI contracts which is a great advantage when looking for accommodation in Paris.

8. Competitve pay

For part time CDII contracts, we pay 20€ net per hour. We also have a limited number of full time salaried teaching positions available.

9. Career opportinuties

Our company is developing rapidly and we are always on the look-out for new talent. As well as in-house opportunities such as full time teaching and management roles, many of our past teachers have moved onto becoming fully qualified school teachers, some have developed into a management role and many have benefited from their experience with us to find success in creative arts.

10. ...and the perks!

  • Vélib refunded

  • Navigo contribution

  • Mutuelle (health cover)

  • Lesson plans and materiel provided

  • Training and constant support.

  • Monthly social events with the teaching team

  • A little gift from us to you each month (Ticket for the Eiffel Tower, wine tasting etc!)

  • 40% discount on all items at the shop!!

To apply for a teaching position, please complete this form: Click here to access the candidate form